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Want to transform your relationship?

Would you like your relationship to be an adventure? The biggest adventure you’ve ever had? Full of excitement, joyfulness, aliveness and discovery? Would you like to recover from serious trouble, dissolve issues and stop coping?

Good thing you are here then!

We are here to guide you on your relationship adventure. We will help you reconnect, heal and grow.

The Imago GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT® Workshop for Couples

Click here for all the info you will need about this internationally renowned workshop; the benefits, cost, venue, dates and how to book. We guarantee that this workshop will transform your relationship. These are the workshop benefits in a nutshell:

  • Internationally researched content and knowledge
  • Equal to six months’ of therapeutic engagement
  • Discount for early-bird bookings
  • Couple transformation within a safe environment
  • Facilitated by certified workshop experts
  • Workshop guides and manuals included

You can ask us anything by contacting us: