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“Our interaction with you was unforgettable and exceptional”

— Angelique & Hank S.

“We are now equipped to rebuild our marriage. We can hope again.”

— Tammy & Daniel B.

about us…

For now… a little more about us…  We believe it is important to get to know us a little better ;). Especially if you are looking for any relationship advice or help from us right?

After all, what we say is going to be hard to believe if we are not prepared to tell you about our marriage…and our problems!

Here’s the thing: all the advice, help and guidance we offer you is the same advice, help and guidance we used to build our awesome relationship! 

Or should we say rebuild…

We got married in 2002. I wish we could say it has been bliss, happiness and a beautiful for ever after since…but we can’t. We had to work incredibly hard to stay married and rebuild our relationship. Our own challenges include coping with a loss of a child, addiction and many, many more issues that we needed to resolve.

We will tell you more as you get to know us better. For now, just know that you are not alone! We have been there and so have millions of couples across the world.

What is different now is that we have the tools to love in a new way, talk in a new way, communicate in a new way and with all these tools we are living the marriage adventure we’ve always wanted

We know it’s not perfect! No marriage can ever be. We just  KNOW HOW TO deal with our problems, use them, work them and even LOVE them. We now know how to get through those dark times and back into the light…

We will show you how we “solve” our marriage problems (notice the present tense!). We hope to help you as you see what we do now. We believe if you use the same tools, you too can build your awesome marriage.

To get you started on your own journey and to say thank you for visiting us here please download this FREE guide, “6 Action Steps to building and Awesome Marriage”.

We put this together especially for you, to guide you to a new adventure.