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Hi, we are Tildie and Fred de Villiers and this is our story in a nutshell: In 2012 our marriage was in stormy waters and heading straight for the rocks. We had a choice to make; let the ship run its course and crash or grab hold and start steering it elsewhere… We attended an Imago couples workshop and never did we know that this workshop would be the first step to a new, exciting marriage adventure. The tools we got and started using (and we are using it today still!) helped us reconnect, heal and grow.

We want to pay this forward. If we can get to this place in our marriage (a much better place than we ever imagined) after all our challenges, then so can YOU.

We are both internationally qualified and certified at all levels including relationship therapy (Tildie), relationship facilitation (Fred) and workshop facilitation (both). This expertise is backed up by psychology and communication degrees (Masters and Honours level). Above all we know what it takes to build or rebuild an awesome relationship even from what looks like an utterly hopeless situation. The path we’d like to show you is the same path we discovered, started exploring and are still enjoying today!

Join us and build your awesome relationship…