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How to
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We have a special intensive process that will guide you to safety, reconnection, healing and growth. No matter what obstacles, issues, pain, anger, frustration or disappointment you are facing right now we can help you save your marriage.

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The fact that you are reading this means YOU still have hope and YOU are still searching. It’s as simple as that. Hold on to that! Even if you feel it’s not enough. Believe us!. It is enough to save your marriage. For now.

We know the place you are in. We have been there. It is dark. No light. No joy. Almost no hope. It doesn’t feel like a safe place. In fact it feels dangerous. It hurts. There is also no connection and it feels like there is no love. No talking and no real communication.

We are sure you can tell us what that place looks like, feels like, smells like and add all kinds of detail that will make up your unique story.

We don’t know those details. What we do know is that your place, that place from which you are calling out: “Please save our marriage”, looks the same as the one we described above. It is only the details and the people that differ.

We have been there! But now…we are no more. We are in a different place. There is light. There is joy. There is understanding, respect, relief and growth. Above all there is safety and connection.

It’s a great place to be!
Don’t you want to be there too?

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Every now and then the lights still go out. The joy fades. We misunderstand each other. We go back to our default of coping, defending ourselves and attacking each other. Danger lurks.! It’s ready to pounce.

BUT this time we are ready for it! We have the tools and the skills to cope differently!

NO! Delete that. We don’t cope anymore. We live differently. We are joyfully alive! We know exactly what to do to get all the good stuff back into this great place we created together. And WE DO IT!

Together WE SAVE OUR MARRIAGE on a daily basis.

You can do the same!

An invitation to a journey

We know how to do it. We also know what that dark place feels like. How much it hurts. And that is why we want to help you get to a better place. We struggled, just like you, to save our marriage and get to better place.

We would like to invite you to trust us. We would like to be your guides on a journey. An adventure. By sharing our story and the tools we use we believe you can do what we did. By practising a new way to love and a new way to make marriage work we believe you can also save your marriage.

You might have tried everything else before or this might be your first time looking for advice. No matter how far down the road you are, we are inviting you to stop, reflect and join us.

What we want to show you works! Why? Because it worked for us and for all the couples that we have had the privilege to meet and work with since.